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We provide services to the tourism industry. Our team has over 30 years' experience in senior positions in travel and tourism, successfully delivering projects that range from strategic to hands-on, marketing to event management - and all linked to an industry for which we share a genuine passion.

What other activity brings such a range of rewards? From the enjoyment of a leisure traveller, the awe of a discoverer, thrill of a fun seeker, as well as the employment and stimulation brought to the millions whose lives depend on this, the world's largest and fastest growing industry.

Of course it brings challenges too - how best to develop your business, are there different markets to tap into, finding new revenue streams to replace diminishing ones ... the list is endless.

Talk to us about how we can help with your challenges - and share in our passion!

About You

So many websites go into great length about 'us' yet a genuine customer oriented business should focus on you - the customer. So who are our customers? ...

About Us

Led by Robin Barker, Services for Tourism works closely with clients and a team of associates with skills appropriate to the needs of each customer. All have track records in tourism ...

What We Do

Quite literally, we offer services for tourism! Whatever your need, whatever your involvement in tourism, and whatever your sector, we have something to offer you ...

How We Work

Every client is different and we're happy to work with you in the way that suits you best. However we work, our team will be determined to go the extra mile ...

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Latest News

The changing landscape of domestic UK tourism is certainly keeping us busy ... where will it all end? Everyone we talk to is busier than they've ever been before.  Sadly that doesn't always mean more profitable - sometimes it's just that they're doing two jobs - but for many it relates to investing for the future.

We're very busy on a range of projects, including:

  • Plans for three tourism conferences across Cornwall & the Westcountry
  • The West Cornwall Arts Tourism project
  • Tourism Awards programmes in Cornwall, Devon, the South West & South East
  • A new partnership with Archant Life
  • Planning future Tourism Management Institute conferences